EP. 5 They Were Okay


Episode 5:


Our friend Juliann had the perfect life.  She had a wonderful childhood, her cat Hector had been by her side through its entirety, and her family was her anchor.  When she went to college: Hector died, her parents divorced, and then her sister died suddenly.

Juliann's world was rocked. 

Now, Juliann sits down to talk with us about her grief and how it led her to become a volunteer at Imagine in Mountainside, NJ.  She shares her story of loss and healing in order to help others learn more about this heavy issue.


Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss, is a grief support center for children, young adults and families dealing with the death or life-altering illness of a parent, sibling or child. They provide free peer grief support year-round for as long as is needed.

P: 908-264-3100

E: info@imaginenj.org